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  • Sale! FirstScope Signature Series Moon By Robert Reeves Telescope

    FirstScope Signature Series Moon By Robert Reeves Telescope

    AED 421.00
    • Celestron’s beloved entry-level telescope gets a stunning look! The Signature Series FirstScope features a superb Moon image by astroimager and Team Celestron member Robert Reeves
    • High-quality tabletop Dobsonian with a 76mm reflector optical tube
    • FirstScope artwork highlights key features on the lunar surface like craters and maria that you can explore for yourself with the telescope
    • Simple, portable design that’s easy to use for astronomers of all levels—a great choice for kids and families
    • Also includes a free PDF download of the Lunar Landscapes ebook by Robert Reeves
  • Eyepiece and Filter Kit – 2″

    Eyepiece and Filter Kit – 2″

    AED 2,028.80
    • This Celestron 2” Eyepiece and Filter Kit includes all the accessories you need to start using 2” eyepieces on your Schmidt-Cassegrain or refractor telescope
    • You’ll get a 2” Mirror Diagonal, three E-lux 2” eyepieces, a 2” 2X Barlow Lens, five colored filters to improve observations of the planets, and a foam-fitted aluminum carry case
    • The 2” 90° Mirror Diagonal accepts 2” eyepieces, and attaches to the rear cell of SCT’s. An adapter is included for use with refractor telescopes.
    • Celestron E-lux eyepieces are a 3-element, fully multi-coated design. You’ll get a 26mm, a 32mm, and a 40mm, for a great choice of magnification and field of view. Multiply your options by 2X when you use your 2” eyepieces with the included 2X Barlow.
    • The most popular planetary filters are included in this kit. They are threaded to attach to most any 2” eyepiece or accessory.
  • Eyepiece and Filter Kit – 1.25″

    Eyepiece and Filter Kit – 1.25″

    AED 1,446.73
    • This 1.25” Eyepiece & Filter Kit includes 14 accessories that will add new life to your telescope and your observing!
    • You’ll get five quality Plossl eyepieces, a 2X Barlow Lens, six colored filters to improve observations of the planets, a Moon filter, and a foam-fitted aluminum carry case with extra room to grow
    • Five eyepieces and a Barlow lens equals 10 different magnifications to choose from, including the equivalent of a 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 6.5 mm, 8 mm, 8.5 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm and 32 mm.  And that doesn’t include eyepieces you may already have in your collection, which will now achieve double the magnification with the addition of the Barlow.
    • A Moon filter will increase your enjoyment of lunar observations by dimming the brightness and increasing contrast
    • The most popular planetary filters are included in this kit.  Have fun seeing what a blue filter will reveal about Jupiter, or unveil the polar ice caps on Mars with a red or orange filter.
  • Sale! EclipSmart Solar Filter – 8” SCT and EDGE HD

    EclipSmart Solar Filter – 8” SCT and EDGE HD

    AED 299.00
    • Instantly transform your normal Celestron 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (8″ SCT) and Celestron 8″ EdgeHD telescopes into a yellow-light solar telescope (for a complete list of 8″ scopes, look in description section)
    • ISO compliant solar safe film protects your eyes when viewing the sun, unlike some other filters on the market
    • Scratch resistant polymer produced by American Paper Optics
    • Designed from the telescope’s lens cap for a snug fit, each filter includes two safety Velcro straps and four self-adhesive Velcro pads for safely securing your solar filter in place
  • Sale! Collimation Eyepiece – 1.25″

    Collimation Eyepiece – 1.25″

    AED 199.00
    • The Celestron Cheshire Collimation Eyepiece is ideal for precise collimation of Newtonians and helpful for aligning Schmidt-Cassegrains
  • Car Battery Adapter

    Car Battery Adapter (For All NexStar)

    AED 129.12
    • Power your Celestron computerized telescope from your car battery or a portable 12V DC power supply.
    • Barrel connector plugs into the 12V input jack on the telescope drive base.
    • Power connector fits standard automobile cigarette lighter receptacles, also found on portable 12V battery packs like the Celestron PowerTank.
    • 25-foot cord for lots of reach.
  • Basic Smartphone Adapter 1.25”

    Basic Smartphone Adapter 1.25”

    AED 78.24
    • This smartphone adapter connects your smartphone to a telescope, binocular, spotting scope, or microscope, so you can capture images and video through the eyepiece.
    • Works with most smartphone devices.
    • Compatible with most telescope eyepieces and any eyepiece with an outside diameter measuring from 29mm to 45mm.
    • Simple to use! Place your phone in the adapter, center your phone’s camera over the eyepiece, and use the knobs to secure the adapter in place.
    • Durable, metal bodied adapter stands up to rigorous use in the field and harsh weather conditions.
  • celestron aux port Splitter

    AUX Port Splitter

    AED 148.86
    • Create an extra auxiliary port on your Celestron computerized mount with this AUX Port Splitter
    • Two auxiliary ports are required to use accessories like the Celestron StarSense AutoAlign on telescopes with only one built-in AUX port
    • Adapter has two 6-pin auxiliary outputs and one 6-pin input
  • Sale! AstroMaster Accessory Kit – 1.25″

    AstroMaster Accessory Kit – 1.25″

    AED 299.00
    • This economical eight-piece eyepiece and filter accessory kit enhances the performance of your Celestron AstroMaster, or most any other telescope
    • Includes two 1.25” eyepieces, a 2X Barlow lens, three filters, a cleaning cloth, and a case!
    • With two extra eyepieces and a Barlow lens, you get four different magnifications to choose from
    • A Moon filter helps block out some moonlight so you can see more lunar detail, and the two color filters (Red and Blue) highlight features on Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
    • A plastic, hard carry case keeps everything safe in the foam-lined interior
  • Sale! Celestron 8 24mm Zoom Eyepiece

    8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece – 1.25″

    AED 399.00
    • Zoom from low to high power in an instant with this versatile eyepiece!
    • Compatible with any telescope that accepts 1.25” eyepieces
    • This fully multi-coated premium eyepiece zooms to any focal length between 8mm and 24mm – pick the best magnification for your subject
  • Sale! Celestron 114 LCM Computerized Telescope

    114LCM Computerized Telescope

    AED 1,999.00
    • Computerized telescope automatically locates thousands of celestial objects using the NexStar+ hand control.
    • Follow the simple SkyAlign alignment procedure and you’re ready to observe in minutes!
    • Large 114mm Newtonian reflector offers the most light-gathering ability in the LCM telescope family.
    • Not sure what to observe? Press the Sky Tour button and your telescope generates a list of the best objects currently visible.
    • Comes with everything you need to get started with astronomy, including 2 eyepieces and a full-height tripod.